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AMADA | 1996

Link motion (TP60-SIL)

  • メーカー: AMADA
  • 保管場所: Head office. Machine Plaza
    型式: TP60-SIL
  • 年式: 1996
    管理番号: 3001Y226

◆Pressure capacity: 60t
◆Number of strokes: 40-75spm
◆Stroke length: 180mm
◆Slide adjustment amount: 70mm
◆Slide bottom surface dimensions (left and right x front and back): 500 x 600 mm
◆Bolster dimensions (left and right x front and back): 920 x 980 mm
◆Die height: 315 mm
◆Main motor: 5.5KW
◆Air pressure used: 5.0kgf/cm2
◆Sudden stop time: 170ms
◆Setting position of overrun monitoring device: 15deg
◆Machine size: W1000×D1725×H2615mm
◆Machine weight: 6.2T

※Without beam type safety device

✤If there is a discrepancy between the specifications and the actual product, the actual product will prevail.

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