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O-M | 2013

cnc turning center (VTLex 915M)

  • メーカー: O-M
  • 保管場所: Chubu Machine Center
    型式: VTLex 915M
  • 年式: 2013
    管理番号: 20103069
参考資料 ダウンロード (2)

◆Table diameter:φ915mm
◆Maximum turning outer diameter:φ1000mm
◆Maximum swing:φ1250mm
◆Maximum turning height: (for high position installation) 750mm
◆Maximum processing material amount:1500kg
◆Maximum cutting force:25000N
◆Maximum drill diameter:60mm
◆Maximum tap diameter:M30×3.5
◆Cross rail:High position installation
◆Left-right movement amount (right from table center):1015mm
◆Left-right movement amount (from table center to left):50mm
◆Vertical movement amount:800mm
◆Table rotation speed (swivel) (low speed range: 0 to 200 min-1 / high speed range: 16.0 to 800 min-1)
◆Milling spindle end tapered hole:JIS B6340 No.50
◆MAS403 BT50

✤If there is a discrepancy between the specifications and the actual product, priority will be given to the actual product.

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