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AMADA | 2011

Turret punching press (EM2510NT)

  • メーカー: AMADA
  • 保管場所: Kawagoe Machine Center
    型式: EM2510NT
  • 年式: 2011
    管理番号: 4001Y331
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◆Pressure capacity: 200kN (20t)
◆Stroke length: 37mm
◆Die height: 234mm
◆Slide adjustment amount: 37mm
◆Sudden stop time: 150ms
◆Number of stations: 58
◆Receiving power supply capacity: 27kVA
◆Machine mass: 17t
*Automatic professional/no mold

※With 2 auto indexes
※No sede stocker (shelf)

✤If there is a discrepancy between the specifications and the actual product, the actual product will prevail.

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