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Whetstone set (7箱)

  • 分類: Grinding wheel
    メーカー: various
  • 保管場所: Head office. Machine Plaza
    型式: 7箱
  • 年式: -
    管理番号: 21810239

[7 boxes]
②TAIYOTOOL angular cutter:100×35×25.4
③Nippon Hardmetal
④Nagoya Diamond:33.0D×W3.0×9.0U T12.70 H6
⑤Sankyu Diamond:φ75.0×T30.0×W3.0×3.0×H12.70
⑥Sankyu Diamond:φ70.0×T10.0× ×3.0×H12.70
⑦Allied material (flare cup): φ75×3W-3X-12.7H

✤If there is a discrepancy between the specifications and the actual product, the actual product will prevail.

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