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JAM | 2004

5t hydraulic press (HYP505D)

  • 分類: hydraulic press
    メーカー: JAM
  • 保管場所: Head office. Machine Plaza
    型式: HYP505D
  • 年式: 2004
    管理番号: 20901026
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◆Type: High speed
◆Pressure capacity: 5t
◆Stroke length: 30-150mm
◆Ram descending speed: 350mm/sec
◆Ram pressurization speed: 39.0mm/sec
◆Ram rising speed: 360.0mm/sec
◆Working pressure range 31.5-78.6kgf/cm²
◆Open height: 285mm
◆Shank hole: Φ25×60mm
◆Power supply: 3Φ, AC200V, 10A
◆Motor output: 1.5kw
◆Stroke type: Cut, inching, safety stroke
◆Operation method: Two-handed operation type
◆Hydraulic oil capacity: 28ℓ
◆Body weight: 680kg

✤If there is a discrepancy between the specifications and the actual product, priority will be given to the actual product.

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