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Yamazaki Mazak | 2019

5 axis machining center (VARIAXIS i-500)

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◆Maximum workpiece dimensions: Diameter Φ500mm/Height 350mm
◆XYZ: 350×550×510mm
◆A-axis movement amount (table tilt/0.0001 degree index): -120°~ 30°
◆C-axis travel amount (table rotation)/0.0001 degree index): ±360°
◆Distance from spindle end to table top (table horizontal): 50~560mm
◆Distance from spindle end face to table center (table vertical): 40~550mm
◆Table load (equal distribution): 300Kg
◆Spindle taper hole: 7/24 taper No.40
◆Spindle rotation speed: 35~12000min-1
◆Spindle bearing inner diameter: 80mm
◆Table dimensions: Φ500*400mm width
◆Number of tools stored: 30
【special version】
・Preparation for installing hydraulic jig 6.9MPa, 4 ports, Φ500*400T groove table
 1P: Clamp, 1P: Unclamp, 2P: Seating
・Front door automatic opening/closing (with area sensor)

✤If there is a discrepancy between the specifications and the actual product, priority will be given to the actual product.

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