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Okuma | 2007

Vertical machining center (MU-400VA)


◆OSP-P200M-H 3D-D for MC
◆A axis: 20 to -110 degrees
◆C axis: 360 degrees
◆Rapid feed speed (mold specifications): XYZ 20m/min (mold)
◆Rapid traverse speed: A-axis 14400 degrees/min
◆Rapid traverse speed: C axis 18000 degrees/min
◆Cutting feed rate (mold specifications): XYZ 20m/min (mold)
◆Table: φ400

*No touch probe
*Oil controller
*Drum filter type chip conveyor
*Through spindle coolant
*Mist collector
*Spindle thermal displacement control TAS-S
*Environmental thermal displacement control TAS-C
*Absolute scale detection (mold) XYZ axes
*Automatic tool length correction
*High class (simultaneous 5-axis control device) H specification
*DNC combination DNC-DT
*Super-NURBS function Type-A (XYZAC)
*Fixture offset

✤If there is a discrepancy between the specifications and the actual product, priority will be given to the actual product.

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