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Okuma | 2004

Vertical machining center (MB-56VB-H)

  • メーカー: Okuma
  • 保管場所: Head office. Machine Plaza
    型式: MB-56VB-H
  • 年式: 2004
    管理番号: 20301097
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◆OSP-E100M-H for 3D-D MC
◆Tool shank shape:MAS standard BT50
◆Table size:560×1300
◆High cross specification:200mm raised

※Lighting equipment: Fluorescent lights replaced with spotlights
※Spindle end face restraint: Spindle BIG Plus
※Spindle thermal displacement control TAS-S
※Environmental thermal displacement control TAS-C
※Absolute scale detection: XYZ axes
※NC rotary table mounting (additional 2 axes)
※Inclined circular table 
※Includes automatic tool length compensation and breakage detection (touch sensor)
※Touch sensor floor for high cross (200mm)
※Touch sensor position Table rear left side
※High class (simultaneous 5-axis control device) H specification
※DNC coupling DNC-DT 1G
※Super-NURBS function available

✤If there is a discrepancy between the specifications and the actual product, the actual product will prevail.

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