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DMG Mori Seiki | 2016

NC lathe (NRX2000MC)

  • 分類: NC Lathe
    メーカー: DMG Mori Seiki
  • 保管場所: Ikuwa Machine Center
    型式: NRX2000MC
  • 年式: 2016
    管理番号: 20106077
参考資料 ダウンロード (2)

◆Control device: M-730UM
◆Operation panel type: COMPACTline (12.1)
◆Maximum swing of workpiece: 348mm (1st, 2nd)
◆Distance between spindles: 670mm
◆Maximum processing diameter: 180mm (1st, 2nd)
◆Standard processing diameter: 120mm (1st, 2nd)
◆Maximum processing length: 100mm (1st, 2nd)
◆X-axis movement: 100mm (1st, 2nd)
◆Z-axis movement amount: 220mm (1st, 2nd)
◆Number of spindles: 2
◆Maximum spindle rotation speed: ~6000min-1 (1st, 2nd)
◆Number of spindle speed ranges: 1 stage (1st, 2nd)
◆Spindle end shape: JIS A2-5 (1st, 2nd)
◆Spindle through hole diameter: 61mm (1st, 2nd)
◆Spindle bearing inner diameter: 100mm (1st, 2nd)
◆Number of turrets: 2
◆Turret type: 10-sided turret (1st, 2nd)
◆Number of tools installed on the turret: 10 (1st, 2nd)
◆Height of shank part of square tool: 20mm (1st, 2nd)
◆Diameter of the shank of the boring bar: Maximum 32mm (1st, 2nd)
◆ Indexing time of 10-sided turret (1 station): 0.31 seconds (1st, 2nd) (full tool)
◆Rotary tool spindle rotation speed: 10000min-1

✤If there is a discrepancy between the specifications and the actual product, priority will be given to the actual product.