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Okuma | 2013

NC lathe (LB3000EXⅡ)

  • 分類: NC Lathe
    メーカー: Okuma
  • 保管場所: Each sites
    型式: LB3000EXⅡ
  • 年式: 2013
    管理番号: 20102074

Main unit model: LB3000EXⅡ
Specification development: MY C450
Distance between centers: 470
Maximum processing diameter: Φ340
Maximum processing length: 450
X-axis: 260
Z-axis: 510
Y-axis: 120 (70 to -50)
C-axis: 360 (rotary axis control angle 0.001)
Tailstock travel amount: 515
Spindle size: Standard spindle (A2-6) 45~5000min-1
Headstock motor (standard spindle): VAC22/15kw (30 minutes/continuous)
Turret (compound machine): compound V12 radial
Tailstock indicator taper type: Dead type MT No.5
Tailstock movement method: NC tailstock
Rotary tool spindle (compound machine): 6000min-1 PREX7.1/4.1kw 40.4Nm
M/MY machine chucking kit: BB kit
Hollow chuck BB208A: including SS1770

◆OSP kit
OSP Easy Dialogue Advanced M-D
Arc thread cutting function
Programmable message function
Coordinate transformation
Creative processing
Easy dialogue advanced L complex: including real 3D
Cycle time over check
Load monitor function (spindle feed axis)
Tool life management function
NC operation monitor (including NC counter)
Status indicator light: 3-stage C type
Operation time reduction function
Hi-cut Pro
Spindle rotation speed fluctuation control
◆OSP individual
Program store capacity: 2GB or more guaranteed (standard)
Operation buffer capacity: 2MB or more guaranteed (standard)
Spindle fixed position stop Electric type
Environmental thermal displacement control (TAS-C)
Z-axis automatic origin offset
Helical cutting function
anti-crash system
Automatic power cutoff function MO2/Alert
Pitch error correction function
Earth leakage cutoff function
Processing navigation: L-g (including microphone and conversion plug)

✤If there is a discrepancy between the specifications and the actual product, priority will be given to the actual product.

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