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MAZAK | 2015

Multi-tasking machine (Integrex j-200)

  • メーカー: MAZAK
  • 保管場所: Head office. Machine Plaza
    型式: Integrex j-200
  • 年式: 2015
    管理番号: 20102068

◆MAZATROL MATRIX NEXUS 2 specifications
◆Between hearts: 500
◆12.1" color LCD
◆Main shaft: 5000 rotations
◆Rotary tool: 12,000 rotations
◆NC tail stock
◆Tailstock thrust automatic switching
◆Dead center type tail stock MT5 (500U)
◆Spindle: 0.0001° indexing/C-axis control
◆Y-axis control
◆B axis 5° indexing
◆Absolute position detection function
◆XYZ axis pitch error correction input
◆Hydraulic pressure guarantee interlock
◆EIA/ISO spindle and mill axis simultaneous rotation function
◆Ball screw shaft core cooling (X/Z axis)
◆Mill spindle through coolant
◆5K pressure through/flood coolant can be discharged simultaneously
◆Oil pan
◆User macro
◆Tapping/Boring Tornado (EIA)
◆EIA spiral interpolation, figure rotation and other 4 functions added
◆EIA inverse time feed
◆EIA verification stopped
◆3D coordinate conversion function
◆MAZACC-2D software
◆Addition of work coordinate system sets (300 sets)
◆Thread cutting function
◆Identification slip input (EIA)
◆Direct input of drawing dimensions
◆EIA pattern cycle (lattice/arc)
◆LAN port
◆Equipped with MAZA-CARE2 system
◆Relocation detection device

[Special accessories]
◆8 inch hollow chuck B-208
◆Spindle AC15kw specification
◆Mill spindle AC7.5kw specification
◆Work stopper in the 1st spindle
◆Tool eye (automatic)
◆Mill axis synchronous tap
◆G00 constant slope control
◆Rotation axis shape correction

✤If there is a discrepancy between the specifications and the actual product, priority will be given to the actual product.

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