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We strictly keep the confidential information provided by customers.

Please confirm in advance that the machine and equipment are not leased property and no transferable property right.



The Process of Selling


Please contact us by email, fax or phone.

Please provide detail with model, year…etc. in order to present a clearer quotation. Please send us a photo.

Checking the actual status of items

We will ask the customer for a checking of the machine.

For the machine that can be operated, please make a test run. Even if it is impossible to operate, it may be possible to buy.

Confirmation of purchase details

We will decide the availability of purchase and the official purchase price, make a purchase quotation and a contract.


If the deal is concluded with the amount provide, full payment will be made before moving out the machine.


We will discuss the date of pick-up of the machine.

As a rule, we will do the pick-up work. Special products will discuss separately.



what kind of machine can I sell?

Basically, NC Machine Tools, Machine Tools, Forging Press Machines, Sheet Metal Machines, Measuring Machines, or peripherals are the items handled. It may be possible to buy other than that.

Does it cost an estimate?


When will you pay?

We will pay in full cash before machine pick up.

Can you buy the machine which cannot operation?

If repair is possible, it is possible to buy.

Is it possible to sell with factory relocation or close down?

It is possible. We also handle scrap and industrial waste disposal, the additional charges will apply.

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