60t mechanical press (TP60EX)



分類 Press
メーカー AMADA
保管場所 Kawagoe Machine Center
型式 TP60EX
年式 2012
管理番号 20906027

◆Capacity: 600kN
◆Stroke length: 160mm
◆Ability generation point (above immortal point): 4.5mm
◆Number of strokes per minute: 65min-1
◆Allowable intermittent strokes per minute for fixed speed specifications: 45min-1
◆Flywheel possessed energy: 27.5kJ
◆Shut height: 460mm
◆Die height: 335mm
◆Slide adjustment amount: 70mm
◆Slide bottom surface dimensions (LR x FB): 500 x 400
◆Bolster dimensions (LR x FB): 920 x 550
◆Bolster thickness: 125mm
◆Frame gap: 285mm
◆Open back: 578mm
◆Overrun monitoring device setting position: 15 degrees
◆Working surface height: 850mm
◆Main motor: 5.5×4kW×P
◆Using air pressure: 0.5MPa
◆Working surface height: 850mm
◆Machine mass: 6.2t

✤If there is a discrepancy between the specifications and the actual product, priority will be given to the actual product.