NC surface grinder (SGE-63BLD2-N3)


分類 NC surface grinding machine
保管場所 Head office. Machine Plaza
型式 SGE-63BLD2-N3
年式 2004
管理番号 20602038

◆FANUC Series 180iMB
◆Table work surface: L600×W300mm
◆Table movement amount: 750×340mm
◆Whetstone axis center from table top: 520mm
◆Chuck dimensions: 400×300mm
◆Allowable loading weight (including chuck and grindstone forming device): 450kg
◆Backward feed speed: 1000mm/min
◆Minimum front/back setting unit: 0.0001mm
◆Vertical feed speed: 1000mm/min
◆Minimum vertical setting unit: 0.0001mm
◆Whetstone dimensions: (outer diameter x width x inner diameter) (inverter specification, MAX): 305 x 38 x 127
◆Whetstone rotation speed (inverter specification): 1800min-1
◆Power capacity: 24KVA
◆Required area: W3.9 x D3.4 x H2.1m
◆Weight: 3000kg

✤If there is a discrepancy between the specifications and the actual product, priority will be given to the actual product.