Vertical machining center (V-77)

分類 Vertical Machining Center
メーカー Makino Milling
保管場所 Kawagoe Machine Center
型式 V-77
年式 2005
管理番号 20302112

◆Travel amount: X1200×Y700×Z650
◆Spindle: HSK-A63
◆Spindle rotation speed: 50 to 20000min-1
◆Bull stud: MAS403 P40T1 type
◆Number of tools stored: 30
◆Tool selection method: Fixed address indexing method
◆Maximum tool dimensions (diameter x length): Φ120 x 300mm
◆Maximum tool mass: 8kg
◆Table: 1400×700mm
◆Maximum loading mass on table (equal distribution): 2500kg
◆Ground height of table top: 850mm
◆Minimum setting unit: 0.0001mm
◆Jog feed speed: 0 to 4000mm/min
◆Cutting feed rate: 1~20000mm/min
◆Rapid feed speed: 20000mm/min
◆Cutting fluid supply device
◆Total tank capacity (lift-up conveyor): 345L
◆Spindle drive: 15kw (spindle taper No. 40 specification)
◆Machine dimensions: W3800×D3000×H3300mm
◆Spindle temperature controller: 1100×820mm
◆Mass: 16000kg
◆Positioning accuracy (total length): ±0.002mm, ±0.0015 (with scale)
◆Spindle front bearing inner diameter: Φ80mm

✤If there is a discrepancy between the specifications and the actual product, priority will be given to the actual product.